Subject Guides and Bibliographies

The library staff produces and continually maintains several subject guides on topics relevant to the users of the NOAA Central Library:

The following Subject Guides and Bibliographies have been compiled by the NOAA Central Library staff and published in the Library and Information Services Division's current references series​ (LISD current references). This series was discontinued in January 2016.

In March 2016, the Library and Information Services Division's name was changed to NOAA Central and Regional Libraries (NCRL). In January 2017, the ​new series ​name ​has been established as the NCRL subject guides.​​

NCRL subject guides ​(2017-present)

2017-01Floods PublicationsJanuary 2017

LISD current references (1989-2016)

2016-02H. B. Stewart, Jr. Trip Diary, Cuba 1972December 2016In Process
2016-01H.B. Stewart, Jr. Expedition Diary Persian Gulf Expedition August 23, 1948 - June 1949January 2016ocn950404939
2015-02Communicating Hurricanes and Other Weather RisksAugust 2015None
2015-01Earthquake Publications: A Selective Bibliography from the NOAA Miami Regional Library Disaster Information SeriesAugust 2015ocn932129919
2014-04NOAA-Authored PublicationsOctober 2014ocn932127203
2014-02H. B. Stewart, Jr. Expedition Diary New York Harbor Circulatory Survey February 1958 and Winyah Bay Current Survey March 1958September 2014ocn897134052
2013-01 Scientific Publications by Sydney LevitusJune 2013ocn847737054
2012-03Climate Engineering Publications Available in Web of Science (1988-2011)July 2012ocn932127800
2012-02Tornadoes: Journal Articles from the NOAA Miami Regional Library Disaster Information SeriesJune 2012In Process
2012-01Tornadoes: Holdings in the NOAA Library System from the NOAA Miami Regional Library Disaster Information SeriesJune 2012ocn932129495
2011-03The Sargasso Sea: A Selected BibliographyJune 2011ocn751996206
2011-02 Anthropogenic Radionuclides in the Marine Environment: A Selected BibliographyApril 2011ocn751986841
2011-01 Deepwater Horizon: a preliminary bibliography of published research and expert commentary2011; revised 2014ocn751991449
2010-02Resources on Oil Spills, Response, and Restoration: A Selected Bibliography 2010; revised 2011ocn643126747
2009-03(XBT), Expendable Bathythermograph Virtual Library2009, revised 2011None
2009-02Monthly Weather Review Author and Subject Index 1873-19352009ocn880937496
2009-01The Year of Darwin 2009: Discovering Darwin at NOAA Central Library: Resources on Charles Darwin, Evolution, and the Galapagos Islands: A Selected BibliographySeptember 2009ocn471480285
2008-02National Oceanographic Data Center Publications and Products in the NOAA Central Library Network, 1961-2012: 2009 revision(pdf); 2012 revision (pdf); enlarged 2015 revision (pdf)2008; revised 2009, 2012 and 2015ocn457929856
2008-01Ocean Exploration and Research Bibliography2008; last revised 2016ocn752144189
2007-01Selected Publications on TIROS Satellite and Satellite Meteorology Available at the NOAA Central Library Network2007; revised 2009 and 2011ocm85851610
2006-03NOAA's Coral Health and Monitoring Program: Gray Literature2006ocn880356675
2006-02Gulf Coast Hurricanes: Selected Resources in the NOAA Libraries and Information NetworkJanuary 2006ocn228069819
2006-01International Polar Year 2007-2008: Resources on Polar Research in the NOAA Central Library Network: A Selected Bibliography and accompanying poster Materials also available in HTML.2006; revised 2008ocm63172313
2005-05Marine Protected Areas Research Guide2005; revised 2010 and 2012ocn228069267
2005-04Hurricane: Selected Readings for the Interested Public2005ocn874026348
2005-03Coastal zone management and aquaculture: bibliography of selected published resources on coastal zone management2005ocm60459000
2005-02150 years of tides on the western coast: the longest series of tidal observations in the Americas2005ocn191089533
2005-01Sustainable Aquaculture Bibliography2005ocm60544705
2004-04Charles M. Breder, Jr.: Atlantis Expedition, 1934April 2004ocm55491945
2004-03Charles M. Breder, Jr.: Key West, 1928March 2004ocm54935548
2004-02U.S. Joint Numerical Weather Prediction Unit: A Selected BibliographyJune 2004ocm55658883
2004-01Pioneers in Modern Meteorology and Climatology: Vilhelm and Jacob Bjerknes: A Selected BibliographyJanuary 2004ocm54053492
2003-03List of Publications on Shipwrecks and Shipwreck Related Topics in NOAALINCJuly 2003ocm52778144
2003-02Publications on Oceanography, Climatology and Fisheries in Korea Held in the NOAA Library Network2003; revised 2007ocm52415722
2003-01Charles M. Breder, Jr.: Bahamas and FloridaApril 2003ocm53150235
2002-08Resource survey of Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary 1983 (NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS NCCOS CCMA 160)December 2002ocm52139598
2002-07Charles M. Breder, Jr.: hypothetical considerations, 1931 - 1937November 2002ocm61395807
2002-06An environmental assessment of the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and the Key Largo Coral Reef Marine Sanctuary: unpublished 1983 reportNovmeber 2002ocm52697240
2002-05Treasures of the NOAA Central LibraryJanuary 2001ocm52415835
2002-04Charles Fitzhugh Talman: a bibliographyOctober 2002ocm52415787
2002-03Charles M. Breder, Jr.: Palmetto Key, 1942July 2002ocm52441251
2002-02Charles M. Breder, Jr.: Dry Tortugas, 19292001ocm51608716
2002-01Biodiversity study of southern Biscayne Bay and Card Sound, 1968-19732002ocm49885205
2001-01Publications by National Oceanographic Data Center personnel, 1960-2001: a bibliographyAugust 2001ocm48545301
1997-01Scientific studies on Dry Tortugas National Park: an annotated bibliography1997ocm37704473
1996-01The Coast and Geodetic Survey Annual Reports 1844 - 1910 Bibliography1996ocm44358265
1992-01Ecosystems of the Florida Keys: a bibliographyMarch 1992ocm25910801
1991-03Meteorology and Oceanography of the Middle EastMarch 1991ocm26553099
1990-02Data Management for Global ChangeMay 1990ocm22996664
1990-01Global Climate ChangeFebruary 1990ocm21260510
1989-03Marine DebrisOctober 1989ocm20987928
1989-02Coastal OceansAugust 1989ocm23610000
1989-01Environmental Impact of Oil Spills in Polar WatersMay 1989ocm22754350

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