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In 1964 the United States and Japan established the Cooperative Program in Natural Resources (UJNR) to promote conservation of marine and terrestrial resources through cooperation in applied science and technology. The impetus for forming the UJNR came from the bilateral Committee on Trade and Economic Affairs which agreed that exchanging natural resources information, specialists, technical data, and research equipment would greatly benefit the economy and welfare of both countries. Through this spirit of scientific collaboration, the United States and Japan have made significant progress in understanding natural processes and promoting sound management of natural resources.

The objective of the UJNR is to aid future generations by jointly addressing environmental issues. This objective is achieved through:
  • Communication and collaboration between U.S. and Japanese scientists, engineers, and technical specialists
  • Exchanges of information, data, and literature
  • Exchanges of research samples and equipment
  • Exchanges of research personnel
  • Joint conferences and symposia
  • Joint projects and presentation of papers
  • Field excursions, technical study cruises, and tours of research and industrial facilities

The UJNR consists of 18 panels: 9 focus on marine science and technology, and 9 address nonmarine activities in the field of natural resources.

The UJNR is one of four research exchanges between the United States and Japan. The other three exchanges cover basic science, health/medical affairs, and social/cultural affairs. The UJNR also acts as a mechanism for implementing policies set forth by the U.S.-Japan Common Agenda and the U.S.-Japan Science and Technology Agreement.



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