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35th Agenda (PDF) November 13-14 2006, National Research Institute of Aquacutlure, Fisheries Research Agency, Mie 516-0193, Japan

34th Agenda November 7-9, 2005, Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute, San Diego, California, U.S.

33rd UJNR Aquaculture Panel Meeting: Ecosystem and Carrying Capacity of Aquaculture Ground for Sustainable Development of Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement

The 33rd Joint Meeting of the UJNR Aquaculture Panel was held from November 1 -6, 2004, in Kyushu, Japan. The business meeting and symposium were held in Nagasaki, Japan, at the Seikai National Fisheries Research Institute on November 2nd and 3rd, 2004. The theme of the scientific symposium was "Ecosystem and Carrying Capacity of Aquaculture Ground for Sustainable Development of Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement." The following themes were explored during the presentations of scientific research:

~ Near shore and offshore aquaculture coordination between local & national governments
~ Carrying capacity of stock enhancement ground
~ Harmful algal blooms and carbon dioxide sequestration
~ EEZ offshore aquaculture sites
~ Integration of aquaculture into ecological and economic models
~ Energy and nitrogen flow in the aquacultural ecosystem
~ Methods of managing aquaculture ground
~ Environmental management by integrated system

Following the scientific symposium, field trips were held at the Saga Prefectural Ariake Fisheries Research and Development Center, "Nori" processing facilities, and Azuma-cho Fisherman's Association on the island of Kyushu.

32nd UJNR Aquaculture Panel Meeting to Discuss Crustacean Pathobiology and Aquaculture
A trip report is available for more information.

31st UJNR Aquaculture Panel Meeting Discusses Algae and Filter Feeders
The 31st UJNR Aquaculture Panel Meeting was held in Yokohama and the Shiogama region in Japan from October 16-25, 2002. The business meeting and technical session were held at the National Research Institute of Fisheries Science in Yokohama on October 16 and 17. The theme for the technical session was "Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement of Algae and Filter Feeders", and the following relevant topics were discussed during the technical session:

  1. Present status of micro and macro-algae and filter feeder aquaculture in Japan and the U.S.
  2. Factors depressing stocks of micro and macro-algae and filter feeders, including the impacts of biological and physical alterations in the coastal environment
  3. Aquaculture as a nutrient recycling technology
  4. Priority areas for further development in algae and filter feeder aquaculture
  5. Discussion- analysis of past achievements and new research proposals for the future

In the days following the technical session field trips were held in Shizuoka and Shiogama prefectures.

UJNR Aquaculture 30th joint meeting in Central Florida
A trip report is available for more information.

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