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Pacific Tropical Ornamental Fish Program Summaries - 2001

Direct Marketing of Hawaii's Ornamental Fish and Plants

Richard B. Spencer, Ph.D. -- Hawaiian Marine Enterprises

Project will conduct a direct marketing survey in conjunction with the Pacific Business Center of a sample of fish and plant retailers in the nine western states receiving one day service via FEDEX. Survey will establish prices, species preferences, and buying habits. This should allow Hawaii farmers to triple prices and allow retailers to receive fish in better condition, below current wholesale costs, and Hawaii brand-identified product.

Hawaiian Living Rock: A New Reef-Friendly Sustainable Product for the Aquarium Trade

Dale Sarver, Ph.D. -- Black Pearls Inc.

Hawaii is setting the standards for non-destructive collecting methods, and the ornamental aquaculture industry is gaining respect and market share. “Hawaiian Living Rock” is an innovative artificial substrate designed precisely for the marine reef tank industry. It will be cultured in the open ocean on lines up off the bottom and colonized exclusively by plants and animals settling from the plankton.

Technical and Business Development of a Cooperative Production and Marketing System for Freshwater Tropical Ornamental Fishes

John Santangelo -- Tropical Ponds of Hawaii

This project aims to plan and develop capabilities to support a cooperative system of businesses that produce and market freshwater tropical ornamental fishes.  The network arrangement will 1) provide young fry to cooperating growout producers from a central hatchery; 2) receive from cooperating producers, package, and market fish 3) adapt to changing market conditions, and 4) provide start up assistance and training for new businesses.

A Simple, Cost-Effective Method for the Commercial Propagation of Clownfish Larvae

Frank Baensch -- Reef Culture Technologies

Proposal will document via videos a simple, cost-effective method for the commercial propagation of clownfish larvae, with potential application to other species of marine ornamental fish larvae.

Increasing the Diversity of Freshwater Ornamental Fish Species Available for Growout in Hawaii

Patrick Maloney

The project will establish an import/quarantine facility for egg-laying broodstock from Florida and Singapore.  After spawning, distribution to interested farms will be done without charge with the understanding that data collection as a necessary part before exporting for sale.

Marine Shrimp Effluent for Brine Shrimp

Romulo Aguinaldo -- Romy’s Kahuku Prawns & Fish, Inc.

This project will use the phytoplankton rich marine shrimp effluent water to culture a year-round supply of adult brine shrimp of high quality feed to the Hawaii ornamental fish and aquaculture industry at lower prices.

Mokuleia Aquafarm Ornamental Fish Feed Distribution Center

Jeff & Linda Koch -- Mokuleia Aquafarm

Proposal will establish a feed storage and distribution facility to provide easy access of high quality feed to all growers at affordable prices.

Waialua Ornamental Fish Coordinating Entrepreneur-Year 1

Ronald P. Weidenbach -- Hawaii Fish Co.

The project is to establish a tropical ornamental fish industry in the Mokuleia-Waialua-Haleiwa area of Oahu with the assistance of State extension agents for training and demonstrations with members of the community and linkages with local schools. Marketing will be done with collaboration with Aquatic Innovations, an established ornamental fish exporter.

Commercialization of Marine Angelfish (Centropyge spp.) and Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp (Lysmata amboinensis) Aquaculture

Steve Hopkins -- Rain Garden Ornamentals

Project seeks to commercialize captive-propagation of native marine angelfish of the genus Centropyge and the scarlet cleaner shrimp, Lysmata amboinensis. The method used for larval rearing will be a semi-approach which is a hybrid between the intensive systems used for marine ornamentals in the past, and extensive systems developed for mass production of marine sportfish.

Space-limited Freshwater Ornamental Fish Aquaculture for the New Millennium

Fred Lum -- Pacific Discus Hatchery

Proposal will use technology developed by the University of Hawaii to establish two sites to produce and sell high volume, medium-value species. Four technology areas which will increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability will be implemented:  1) Bioremediation 2) Optimum stocking density 3) Color Enhancement and 4) Artificial insemination.

Aqua-farmed Weedy Sea Dragons for the Global Marine Aquarium Market

Carol Cozzi-Schmarr

This project will propagate and market the Weedy Sea Dragon to remove the pressure of extinction of this popular pet. The farm-raised weedy dragon program will use cutting edge technology developed by Ocean Rider in partnership with NELHA and University of Hawaii Sea Grant.

Malama l'a

Gladys Kanoa

Project purpose is to become a commercial producer of pineapple swordtails and lyre tails, hifin swords, platys, and aquatic plants. Collaboration with a retailer on Maui will provide markets for exporting production.

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