Report of Activities

September, 2000 to March, 2001

The Pacific Tropical Ornamental Fish Programís preliminary work on issues began with a staff meeting in August, 2000.† Roles of the various players in the program were discussed and key issues were identified:

Long term goal: Sustainable economic development which will provide entrepreneurial and long term employment opportunities for new as well as expansion for existing businesses.

Efforts will be focused on private sector implementation with assistance of the public sector in a partnership arrangement

Applicants should be from the private sector.† Matching is required.

Projects will be evaluated on geographical diversity and product diversity. during August, a field trip to Rick Spencerís and Rich Masseís operations was arranged by John Corbin for Dennis Teranishi and Susan Matsushima (State of Hawaii Aquaculture Program coordinators).† This provided some background of fresh and salt-water production issues.

In September, John Corbin called the first meeting of the Oahu industry leaders at Windward Community College.† This provided the opportunity to develop a list of key issues and possible focus for the PTOFP.† During this meeting, priorities of the industry were listed.

The priorities were then mailed, as a survey, to key industry members statewide.† This allowed members of the industry to establish their priorities.

The results of the statewide survey indicated interest in the following areas:

Based on industry needs and interests, the Request for Proposal and formats for Concepts and Full Proposals were drafted.† In October, 2000, an informational meeting was held at Alluvion in Haleiwa with 15 industry members and representatives from Oceanic Institute, Sea Grant, and Aquaculture Development Program to review the draft documents.

The RFP was issued, during November, 2000, and many calls from industry members were received.† To better address questions and assist the growers with the RFP process, four work shops were scheduled on different islands.

Clyde Tamaru and Kathleen McGovern-Hopkins from Sea Grant and John Corbin were instrumental in the scheduling and rallying members of the industry to come to these meetings.† With their assistance, we were able to meet with 72 interested industry members to advise them of the PTOFP.

January 31, 2001 was the deadline for submissions.† Twenty five proposals were received.†

The Council, made up of: Dennis Teranishi, Vice-Chair of The Economic Development Alliance of Hawaii, (Chair), Paula Helfrich, Hawaii Island Economic Development Board, Gary Baldwin, Kauai Economic Development Board, and Jeanne Skog, Maui Economic Development Board, approved 12 of the 25 proposals for funding.† These 12 projects will receive a total of $165,000.† There were salt-water, fresh water, and proposals applicable to both that were approved.† Please see listing on  PTOFP Summaries Page.

Although all approved proposals but one, received less than they requested in their proposals, all of the investigators were happy to receive even a portion of the amounts requested. They are now revising the scope of work to reflect the lower level of approved funding.

Upon completion of all of the revisions, the proposals will be forwarded to National Sea Grant Office for review.

Although funding for the second round has not been received, a status report to the industry will be presented to those on Oahu, on April 28th, 2001, at Windward Community College.† Meetings are being scheduled for all of the islands.

Submitted: Susan T. Matsushima

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