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Aquaculture, Seafood and Fisheries Newsletters

Globe symbol indicating offsite link Globe Symbol indicates you are leaving a federal site.  Globe symbol indicating offsite link This newsletter can be read in several languages, includes news, education, species and job sites.

FarmChina   Globe symbol indicating offsite link Readable in English and Chinese with a section on aquaculture covering marketing and industry services and news.  Globe symbol indicating offsite link Available in at least three languages. Developer is Fish Info Service International Co., Ltd. Includes news, company lists, market reports, and show calendar among other things.

IntraFish  Globe symbol indicating offsite link Aquaculture and Fisheries industry information with focus on Europe, requires subscription.

Northern Aquaculture  Globe symbol indicating offsite link Coldwater aquaculture in North America

One Fish  Globe symbol indicating offsite link An online database and directory of fisheries and aquatic research and development information

Seaweb Aquaculture Clearinghouse Globe symbol indicating offsite link Not-for-profit ocean information center


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