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Department of Commerce Research, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Funded Aquaculture Development Projects

Funding Summary Chart (1996-2006)    PDF

National Competitions: National Marine Aquaculture Intiative (NMAI)

    1. Using sable fish to create a technical base for marine fish aquaculture in the Pacific Northwest
    2. An integrated approach to the development of cobia (Rachycentron canadum) culture in the United State
    3. Development of reliable spawning, nursery and juvenile production techniques for commercialization of black sea bass aquaculture
    4. Hatchery production of mutton snapper (Lutjanus analis) and other high value marine food fish
    5. Development of methods for the production of effective micro-particulate feeds for marine fish larvae
    6. Development of large-scale rearing methods for the continuous culture of marine copepods
    7. Signature-tagged mutagenesis: a novel and rapid approach for development of aquaculture vaccines
    8. Development of a national aquatic animal health plan for the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)
    9. Determination of dietary requirements for cultured summer flounder (Paralichthys dentatus) for enhancement of aquaculture potential
    10. Production of a best management practices manual for aquaculture in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region
    11. Massachusetts ocean resource information system (MORIS)
    12. Balanced ecosystems management for the development of sustainable offshore aquaculture in the Gulf of Mexico
    13. Offshore finfish mariculture in the Western Strait of Juan de Fuca, Washington State
    14. Hawaii offshore aquaculture research Project (HOARP) Phase III: Critical research and development issues for commercialization
    15. Ecological characteristics and carrying capacity of suspended shellfish culture systems
    16. Improved recovery and utilization of seafood processing waste and by-catch in aquafeeds to enhance substainability of aquaculture
    17. Quantifying impacts of clam culture on adjacent communities
    18. Clarifying marine aquaculture legal rights: Improving the legal interest framework
    19. Engineered ecosystems for high rate sustainable marine shrimp and bivalve production
    20. Development of an integrated recirculating aquaculture system for nutrient bioremediation in urban aquaculture
    21. Environmental impact of sustainable offshore cage culture production in Puerto Rican waters
    22. Development and testing of an operational framework for offshore aquaculture in conjunction with stakeholders at national and regional levels
    23. Using GIS for offshore aquaculture siting in the US Caribbean and Florida

Other Competitions

2001 - Pacific Tropical Ornamental Fish Program

Report of Activities 9/2001 - 3/2001

Summaries of Projects

Open Ocean Aquaculture Program at the University of New Hampshire Globe symbol indicating offsite link

Aquaculture Interchange Program 2006 workshop "Open Ocean Aquaculture - Moving Forward"

NOAA Partnerships

Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program

Small Business Administration NOAA Grants

DOC Aquaculture Conferences and Workshops

1999 - Department of Commerce Aquaculture Workshop Report  (PDF format)

2001 - Marine Aquaculture and the Environment  Globe symbol indicating offsite link (Includes summaries of the breakout group reports.)

Other Reports and significant Workshops

Molluscan Shellfish Research and Management   (Final Proceedings from the workshop. Charleston, South Carolina, January 2000, in .PDF format on the national shellfish research plan.)

Internship Reports


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