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Basic Information on Aquaculture
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AquaNIC  Globe symbol indicating offsite link (  is one of the best resources for start-up or beginner information on aquaculture. This site includes links to discussion lists as well as links to extension publications. Be sure to check out the publications links for these. Select "Publications" and then peruse the numerous extension publications available under the regional centers. There is also a job service.

Delaware Aquaculture Resource Homepage Globe symbol indicating offsite link ( This site, while designed for the Delaware community, compliments information found on AquaNIC and focuses on education.

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center  (  This USDA National Agricultural Library Center also provides infomration on resources for aquaculture as it relates to USDA.

Bibliography of Selected Published Resources on Aquaculture

Journals (selected):

Aquaculture Magazine P.O. Box 2329, Asheville, NC 28802 USA Phone: 828.254.7334 | Fax: 828.253.0677
The Aquaculture News P.O. Box 610Vidalia, LA, 71373 USA | Phone: (318)336-4660 | Fax: (318)336-4644
Fish Farmer Magazine Fish Farmer Subscriptions, Garrard House, 2-6 Homesdale Road, Bromley BR2 9WL, UK
Fish Farming News | Phone (207) 229-1432
North American Journal of Aquaculture American Fisheries Society, 5410 Grosvenor Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814 | Phone 301/897-8616

Books (selected):

The following publications are general in nature and selected for their listing of fundamentals in the subject area. There are hundreds of publications which cover specific species or specific systems or are written for specific geographic areas or climates. No attempt has been made to list all resources here. Publications below may be international in scope. If the publication has a recent publication date, you may find it through the publisher when listed. Older publications are available by loan using your local public or university library and the interlibrary loan process. These resources are listed by author.

    Introduction to Aquaculture. Auburn, University, Ala., U.S.A. : International Center for Aquaculture, [1990 or 1991?] 8 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. ISBN: 0544-65660 Series: Water harvesting and aquaculture for rural development.

    Introduction to Intensive Cage Culture of Warm Water Fish. International Center for Aquaculture and Aquatic Environments, Auburn University. Auburn University, Ala. : The Center, [1992?] Description : 9 p. : ill. ; 29 cm. ISBN: 0602-74560 Series: Water harvesting and aquaculture for rural development

    Ackefors, Hans. And J.V., Konikoff, M. Introduction to the General Principles of Aquaculture. Food Products Press (Haworth Press), New York, USA. ISBN: 1-56022-012-0, c1994.

    Avault, J.W. Fundamentals of Aquaculture : A Step-by-step Guide to Commercial Aquaculture. 889 pp. AVA Publishing Company, Baton Rouge. ISBN: 0-9649549-0-7 c1996

    Baird, D., Beveridge, M., Kelly, L., Muir, J. Aquaculture and Water Resource Management. 240 pp Fishing New Books ISBN 0632039264 c1996

    Bardach, J.E. (Ed) Sustainable Aquaculture. 251 pp. John Wiley & Sons. c1997

    Bardach, J.E., Magnuson, J.J., May, R.C., Reinhart, J.M. (Eds) Fish Behavior and Its Use in the Capture and Culture of Fishes. 512 pp. ICLARM Conf. Proc. 5.1980

    Beveridge, M.C.M. Cage and Pen Fish Farming. Carrying Capacity Models and Environmental Impact. FAO Technical Paper (T255) 131 pp. FAO 1984
    URL: ISBN 92-5-102163-5

    Beveridge, M. Cage Aquaculture. 352 pp Fishing New Books ISBN 0852382359 1996

    Black, K.D., Pickering, A.D. Biology of Farmed Fish. 415 pp. Sheffield Academic Press Ltd, Sheffield, UK. ISBN: 1-85075-887-8 c1998

    Blakely, D. R., Hrusa, C. T. Inland Aquaculture Development Handbook. 192 pp Fishing New Books ISBN: 085238162X c1990

    Boyd, C.E. Water Quality Management for Pond Fish Culture. xii + 318 pp Elsevier Science ISBN: 0-444-42054-1 c1982

    Boyd, C. E. (Ed)) Bottom Soils, Sediment, and Pond Aquaculture. 350 pp. Kluwer Academic Publishers ISBN: 0-412-06941-5 c1995

    Boyd, C. E., Tucker, C.S. Pond Aquaculture Water Quality Management. 720 pp. Kluwer Academic Publishers ISBN: 0-412-07181-9 c1998

    Boyd, C.E. Water Quality in Ponds for Aquaculture. 482 pp. Birmingham Publishing Co., Birmingham, USA. c1990

    Colt, J., Huguenin, J.E. Design and Operating Guide for Aquaculture Seawater Systems. vi + 264 pp Elsevier Science ISBN: 0-444-87157-8 c1989

    Costa-Pierce, B.A., Atmadja, G.W., Rusydi, Safari, A. Growing Fish in Cages. 43 pp. ICLARM Educ. Ser. 10 ISBN: 971-1022-75-3 c1989

    Costa Pierce, B.A., Rusydi, Safari, A., Atmadja, G.W. Growing Fish in Pen Systems. 40 pp. ICLARM Educ. Ser. 9 ISBN: 971-1022-74-5 c1989

    Cowey, C.B. Nutrition and Feeding in Fish. 489 pp. Academic Press, London. ISBN: 0-12-194055-1 c1985

    Creswell, R. LeRoy. Aquaculture Desk Reference. 212 pp. Kluwer Academic Publishers ISBN: 0-412-07561-X. c1993

    Cuenco, M.L. Aquaculture Systems Modeling : an introduction with emphasis on warmwater aquaculture. 46 pp. ICLARM Stud. Rev. 19 c1989

    De Silva, S.S.; Anderson, T.A. Fish Nutrition in Aquaculture. 344 pp Kluwer Academic Publishers ISBN: 0-412-55030-X c1994

    Egna, Hillary S. (Editor), Claude E. Boyd (Editor) Dynamics of Pond Aquaculture. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL. ISBN: 1566702747 c1997

    Hertrampf, Joachim W., Felicitas Piedad-Pascual. Handbook on Ingredients for Aquaculture Feeds. illustrations by Ong, Sik Lee. Boston : Kluwer Academic Publishers. c2000

    Huet, M., revised by Timmermans, J. Textbook of Fish Culture - Breeding and Cultivation of Fish. 456 pp Fishing New Books ISBN: 0852382197 c1994

    Huguenin, J.E., Colt, J. Design and Operating Guide for Aquaculture Seawater Systems. 264 pp. Elsevier, Amsterdam ISBN: 0-444-87157-8 c1989

    Iversen, E. S.; Hale, K.K., Aquaculture Sourcebook - A Guide to North American Species. 256 pp. Kluwer Academic Publishers ISBN: 0-442-00992-5 c1992

    Jollu, Curtis M, Clonts, Howard. Economics of Aquaculture. 319 pp. Howorth Press, Inc. ISBN: 1-56022-019-8 c1993

    Landau, Matthew. Introduction to Aquaculture. New York : John Wiley & Sons, xv, 440 p. : ill. ; 26 cm. ISBN: 0546-60860 c1992

    Lawson, T. B. (Ed) Fundamentals of Aquacultural Engineering. 364 pp. Kluwer Academic Publishers ISBN: 0-412-06511-8 c1994

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    Wheaton, Frederick W. Aquacultural Engineering. Krieger ISBN: 0894647865 c1993

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