Freshwater Fishery Research Center (FFRC)

Photo of entrance to the Freshwater Fishery Research Center.

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Freshwater Fishery Research Center (FFRC), founded in 1982 and located in the city of Wuxi, Jiangshu Province in the east of China, is a comprehensive research institute involved in scientific and technological research for freshwater fishery development. It is also the Asian-Pacific Region Integrated Aquaculture Research and Training Center for FAO, the United Nations. Its research interests extend to biotechnology application, fish genetic and breeding, fish culture, fishery resource enhancement in the open waters, integrated pond fish culture, and fishery environment protection.

FFRC consists of the following sections: integrated fish culture, fish resource enhancement in the open waters, biotechnology, fishery environment protection, fishery economics, fish breeding, fish diets, fish diseases, and high value species culture.

FFRC has 144 professionals including 36 senior researchers. The institute publishes a academic journal, Scientific Aquaculture. Since 1982, 65 research projects have been performed, of which 17 were awarded by the state or the ministries. The outstanding achievements are: Immunochemistry reaction of grass carp lactic acid dehydrogenase LDH isoenzyme, Studies of Tilapia auria genetics and cold resistance, Carp hybrid technology. Moreover, FFRC has trained over 580 foreign students in integrated fish culture.

FFRC is recently listed as one of the top institutes by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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