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                  South China Sea Fishery Research Institute (SCSFRI)

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South China Sea Fishery Research Institute (SCSFRI), established in 1953 and located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province in the south of China, is a comprehensive research institute involved in scientific and technological research for the development of fisheries in South China Sea. It mainly focuses on such research fields as marine fishery resource investigation, mariculture and fishery resource enhancement in the tropic and subtropic regions, fishery ecological environment quality surveillance and protection, marine fish and shrimp diets, fish disease control, application of microelectronic technologies, and fishing technologies in the deep sea and long distant waters.

SCSFRI consists of the following sections: marine fishery resources, marine aquaculture, marine fishery environment protection, fish nutrition and diets, marine biological metabolic product utilization, marine fishing technologies, and aquatic product processing. It is also equipped with a scientific and technological service corporation and a marine survey fleet. In addition, It possesses some experimental bases such as two mariculture experimental bases located in Shenzhen and Shanwei respectively, and a tropical fishery research and development center located in Shanya, Hainan Province.

SCSFRI has about 213 professionals including 38 senior researchers. The institute publishes two academic journals: South China Sea Fishery Research and Fisheries Abstracts. Since 1978, 103 research projects have been performed, of which one was awarded by the state and 47 awarded by the ministries or the provinces. The outstanding achievements are: Artificial breeding of Pinctada maxima (Jameson) and the pearl culture with nucleus insert, A comprehensive survey on fishery resources in the continental slope of northern part of South China Sea, and A survey on marine biomass and fishery resources surround the island waters in Guangdong Province.

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