Yellow Sea Fishery Research Institute (YSFRI)

Photo of research vessel on the Yellow Sea.


Yellow Sea Fishery Research Institute (YSFRI), founded in 1947 and located in Qingdao, Shandong Province in the north of China, is an integrated research institute involved in scientific and technological research for fishery development of Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. It mainly focuses on such research fields as marine fishery resource survey and assessment, marine fishing gears and fishing methods, marine aquaculture, fishery resource enhancement and fishery environment protection.

YSFRI is made up of a number of research sections: marine resource, marine fishing techniques, marine animal enhancement, algae culture, aquatic product processing, fishery environment, fishery economics and fishery information. It also has an advanced experiment base in Xiaomai Island and a well equipped fishery resource survey vessel, Beidou Hao. In addition, several nationwide organizations are set up in YSFRI such as National Quality Monitoring Center for Aquatic Products, Sino-Canadian Mariculture Research and Training Center, Fish Drug and Diet Monitoring and Testing Center, Fishery Environment Monitoring Center for Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea.

YSFRI has 232 professionals including 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and 60 senior researchers. The institute publishes two academic journals: Marine Fishery Studies and Foreign Fisheries. Since 1978, over 140 research projects have been awarded by the state or the ministries. The outstanding achievements are: The industrial breeding technology on Penaeus chinensis; Anchovy resource survey and the fishing technologies; The water temperature forecasting in a large scale in the inshore areas of the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea and East China Sea; and The studies on the population dynamic alteration of Penaeus chinensis.

YSFRI is, at the moment, listed as one of the national key research institutes by the State Scientific and Technological Commission.

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