Pearl River Fishery Research Institute (PRFRI)

Photo of large-scale earthen ponds in Guangdong Province.

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Pearl River Fishery Research Institute (PRFRI), established in 1979 and located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province in the south of China, is a comprehensive research institute involved in scientific and technological researches for the fishery development in the Pearl River as well as the inland waters in the related regions. It mainly focuses on such research fields as tropic and subtropic fish culture, fish breeding, pond aquaculture, introduction and selection of fine cultured varieties.

PRFRI consists of the following research sections: tropic and subtropic fish laboratory, fish resources, fish breeding, aquaculture technologies, fish diseases, fishery environment protection, fishery information, and testing center. It also has aquaculture experimental bases inside the institute and in Shimen respectively.

PRFRI has over 100 professionals including 22 senior researchers. Since 1979, 53 research projects have been performed, of which 33 were awarded by the state and the ministries. The outstanding achievements are: Integrated aquaculture technologies in large scale fish ponds in the Pearl River Delta, Control technologies on grass carp hemorrhage disease, Eel culture technology in large scale earthen ponds, A study of the toxic effect of detergent on fish, A study of grass carp cake-shaped myxoboliosis disease, Aquaculture technology on Clarias batrachus Linnaeus, Aquaculture technology on Labeo rohita, and Aquaculture technology on Macrobrachium rosenbergii.

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