A List of Journals Related to Fisheries

Name of Journal Frequency Publisher Published place
Fishery Journal Quarterly China Society of Fisheries Shanghai
Journal of Fishery Sciences of China Quarterly Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences Beijing
China Fishery Monthly China Fishery Publishing House Beijing
China Fishery Economic Studies Bimonthly Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences Beijing
Journal of Hydrobiology Quarterly Institute of Hydrobiology Wuhan
Journal of Shanghai Fishery University Quarterly Shanghai Fishery University Shanghai
Journal of Zhanjiang Fishery College Semiyearly Zhanjiang Fishery College Zhanjiang
Journal of Dalian Fishery College Quarterly Dalian Fishery College Dalian
Journal of Xiamen Fishery College Semiyearly Xiamen Fishery College Xiamen
Journal of Zhejiang Fishery College Semiyearly Zhejiang Fishery College Zhoushan
Freshwater Fisheries Bimonthly China Society of Fisheries Jingsha
Marine Fisheries Bimonthly China Society of Fisheries Shanghai
Fujian Fisheries Quarterly Fishery Research Institute of Fujian Province Xiamen
Qilu Fisheries Bimonthly Shandong Fishery Bureau Yantai
Scientific Fish Farming Bimonthly China Society of Fisheries Wuxi
Fishery Science Quarterly Fishery Society of Liaoning Province Dalian
Fishery Magazine Semiyearly Heilongjiang Fishery Research Institute Harbin
Aquaculture Bimonthly Fishery Society of Jiangshu Province Nanjing
Fisheries in Water Conservancy Projects Bimonthly Training Center, the Ministry of Water Conservancy Danjiangkou
Modern Fishery Information Monthly East China Sea Fishery Research Institute Shanghai
Fishery Machinery and Instrument Bimonthly Institute of Fishery Machinery and Instruments Shanghai
Fishery Scientific and Technological Information Bimonthly Shanghai Fishery Society Shanghai
Hebei Fisheries Bimonthly Hebei Fisheries Publishing House Qinhuandao
Henan Fisheries Quarterly Fishery Research Institute of Henan Province Zhengzhou
Heilongjiang Fisheries Quarterly Fishery Society of Heilongjiang Province Harbin
Jiangxi Fishery Science and Technology Quarterly Fishery Society of Jiangxi Province Nanchan
Inland Fisheries Bimonthly Fishery Research Institute Yuanjiang
Studies of Marine Fisheries Irregularly Yellow Sea Fishery Research Institute Qingdao
Foreign Fisheries Quarterly China Society of Fisheries Qingdao
Journal of Bayi Agriculture College Quarterly Xinjiang Agriculture University Urumqi
Resource and Environment along Yangtze River Quarterly Chinese Academy of Sciences Wuhan
Ship Engineering Bimonthly China Ship Engineering Society Shangshai
The East China Sea Quarterly Marine Society of Zhejiang Province Hangzhou
Journal of Animal Classification Quarterly China Society of Zoology Beijing
Journal of Zoology Quarterly China Society of Zoology Beijing
Zoology Magazine Bimonthly China Society of Zoology Beijing
Bulletin of Marine and Limnology Quarterly Marine and Limnology Society of Shandong Province Qingdao
Marine and Environment Science Quarterly The National Marine Environment Monitoring Center Dalian
Marine Development and Management Quarterly China Coastal Development and Management Association Beijing
Marine Bulletin Bimonthly The National Marine Information Center Tianjin
Journal of Oceanography Bimonthly China Society of Oceanography Beijing
Journal of Hunan Teacher University Quarterly Hunan Teacher University Changsha
Journal of Huazhong Agriculture University Quarterly Huazhong Agriculture University Wuhan
Journal of Environment Science Quarterly Ecological Environment Research Center, CAS Beijing
Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea Quarterly No. 1 Oceanic Institute, SOA Qingdao
Journal of Nanjing University Quarterly Nanjing University Nanjing
Journal of Qingdao Oceanic University Quarterly Qingdao Oceanic University Qingdao
Tropic Marine Quarterly Oceanic Institute of South China Sea, CAS Guangzhou
Journal of Ecology Quarterly China Society of Ecology Beijing
Bulletin of Biology Monthly China Society of Zoology Beijing
Food Science Monthly The National Food Information Central Station Beijing
Feed Industry Monthly Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Machinery Institute of Liaoning Province Shenyang
Feed Studies Monthly Beijing Nutrition Resource Research Institute Beijing
Journal of Xiamen University Bimonthly Xiamen University Xiamen
China Marine Drugs Quarterly China Society of Drugs Qingdao
China Environment Science Bimonthly China Society of Environment Science Beijing
China Feed Semimonthly China Feed Industry Association Beijing

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