Yangtze River Fishery Research Institute (YRFRI)

Photo of Yantgtze River Fishery Research Institute.

Yangtze River Fishery Research Institute (YRFRI), established in 1958 and located in the city of Jingshao, Hubei Province in the central part of China, is a comprehensive research institute involved in scientific and technological research for fishery development in theYangtze River as well as the inland waters in the related regions. It mainly focuses on such research fields as freshwater fish resources, fish genetic and breeding, biotechnologies, fish diets, and rare fish species conservation.

YRFRI consists of the following research sections: fish germ plasm resource and biotechnology laboratory, fish culture and breeding, fishery environment protection, fish diseases, and fish diets. It also has a well equipped aquaculture experiment base in Yaowan. In addition, some national organizations are set up within YRFRI such as Freshwater Aquaculture Standardized Technology Office, Fishery Resource Monitoring Station, and Fishery Environment Monitoring Station for the upper and middle reaches of Yangtze River.

YRFRI has over 120 professionals including 32 senior researchers. The institute publishes an academic journal: Freshwater Fisheries. Since 1978, over 80 research projects have been performed, of which 48 were awarded by the state and the ministries. The outstanding achievements are: Production of hybrid carp (Heyuan carp, three-crossed hybri carp and Ying carp), introduction and extension of Tilapia nile, A study of the nutrition requirements of the major cultured fish species and their diet formulation, Fish resources variation before and after the construction of Gezhouba Dam, Artificial breeding on Chinese paddle fish (Acipenser sinensis), and A study of grass carp hemorrhage cell vaccine.

YRFRI is recently listed as one of the top institutes by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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