Chinese Academy of Fishery Science (CAFS)

Fall scene of China coast.

Chinese Academy of Fishery Science (CAFS), subordinated directly to the Ministry of Agriculture, is a leading research institution in China, involved in almost all research fields, for both marine and freshwater, in fishery industry, including fishery resource survey and enhancement, aquaculture, fishing, fishery product processing, fishery machinery, fishery environment protection, fishery engineering, fishery economics study and fishery information.

Since its foundation in 1978, CAFS has performed over 1,000 studies, of which more than 250 were awarded by the state or the ministries. The most outstanding research results such as Industrial breeding on Peneaus chinensis and Haemorrhage disease control of grass carp, which won the First Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress, have specially contributed to China's aquaculture development in the last decades. The other research results are also of great significance either academically or economically.

CAFS , with its headquarters in Beijing, has 21 related institutions of various disciplines spread over different parts of china and a total of 1590 scientists, including 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 51 research fellows and 340 associate research fellows.

Institutions of various disciplines within CAFS.

Yellow Sea Fishery Research Institute

East China Sea Fishery Research Institute

South China Sea Fishery Research Institute

Heilongjiang River Fishery Research Institute

Yellow River Fishery Research Institute

Yangtze River Fishery Research Institute

Pearl River Fishery Research Institute

Freshwater Fishery Research Center

Fishery Machinery and Instrument Research Institute

Fishery Engineering Research Institute

Fishery Integrated Information Research Center

Fishery Environment Protection Research Division

Fish Disease Research Division

Yinkou Fishery Resource Proliferation Station

Beidaihe Fishery Resource Proliferation Station

Changdao Fishery Resource Proliferation Station

Xiaying Fishery Resource Proliferation Station

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