Heilongjiang River Fishery Research Institute (HRFRI)

Photo of spring scene with research institute building.

Heilongjiang River Fishery Research Institute (HRFRI), established in 1950 and located in the city of Harbin, Heilongjiang Province in northeastern China, is an integrated freshwater fishery research institute, involved in scientific and technological research for fishery development in Heilongjiang River as well as the inland water in the regions of the north, northeast and northwest of China. Its research interests extend to fish culture, fish breeding, fish resource enhancement, fishery environment protection, fishery machinery and fishing techniques. It is especially well known for cold water fish culture, fish breeding and fish gene manipulation.

HRFRI is made up of fish gene engineering and breeding laboratory, aquaculture section, fish breeding section, fishery environment protection section, fish resources enhancement section, fishery machinery section, and fishing technology section. It also has aquaculture and cold water fish experiment stations located in Shongpu and Bohai Sea respectively.

HRFRI has 112 professionals so far, including 17 senior researchers. It publishes an academic journal: Fisheries Journal. Since 1978, HRFRI has performed 59 research projects, of which 26 were awarded by the state or the ministries.

HRFRI has been recently listed as one of the top institutes by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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