Fishery Machinery and Instrument Research Institute (FMIRI)

  Photo of Fishery Machinery and Instrument Research Institute.

Fishery Machinery and Instrument Research Institute (FMIRI), established in 1963 and located in the city of Shanghai in the east of China, is an specialized research institute, involved in fishery machinery and instruments in the various fields: aquaculture, fishing, aquatic product processing, fishing vessels, and navigation.

FMIRI is made up of the following sections: aquaculture machinery, fish feed machinery, aquatic product freezing and processing machinery, fishing and vessel machinery, fishing aid and navigation machinery, environment engineering, and computer engineering. It also has a fishery machinery development center and a fishery machinery testing center. In addition, the national fishing gears standardization office is also located in the institute.

FMIRI has over 210 professionals so far, including 42 senior engineers. It publishes an academic journal: Fishery Machinery and Instruments. Since 1978, FMIRI has performed 90 research projects, of which 41 were awarded by the state or the ministries and 17 received national patents. The outstanding achievements are: Medium and high pressure hydraulic purse seine winch, Zps8-400 type double hook netting machine, SLY-Z17 type feed pilletizer set.

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