Fishery Integrated Information Research Center (FIIRC)

Photo of laboratory with researchers.

Fishery Integrated Information Research Center (FIIRC) located in Beijing is a comprehensive research institution involved in nationwide fishery information retrieval, fishery remote sensing application, geographical information system (GIS) design and fishery economics studies. It has so far established a Chinese fishery bibliographic database with about 30,000 records and publishes 3 academic journals: Chinese Fishery Sciences, Chinese Fishery Economics Research and Chinese Fishery Abstracts. At the moment, FIIRC is undertaking two key projects: GIs for China's coastal zones and Applied aquaculture technologies in China.

FIIRC is made up of several sections, including fishery bibliographic information system section, fishery remote sensing section, applied computer technologies section, fishery economics studies section, academic journal editorial section and library. It has 30 professionals including 12 senior researchers.

Since its foundation, FIIRC has performed over 30 studies. Among them 12 research results were awarded by the state or the ministries such as The studies of exploitation and utilization of Chinese fishery resources, Economic comparison on fishery resources, Fishery science thesaurus, Outline of world fisheries, Studies of the world advanced fishery technologies and the prospects of their use in China, Application of remote sensing technology in large inland waters, and Application of satellite remote sensing technology to the investigation of marine resources and environmental factors.

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