Fishery Engineering Research Institute (FERI)

Photo of engineered shore line.

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Fishery Engineering Research Institute (FERI) located in Beijing is the only institute in China's fishery sector for engineering planning and designing. It mainly focus on fishing port design and consultation, cold storage and its accessories design, industrial and civil engineering design, aquatic product processing design, fishing vessel design, dock and embankment design, aquaculture engineering design and engineering technical consultation.

Within FPDI, there are a number of sections: civil engineering, harbor engineering, fishing vessel designing, fishing machinery designing, electrical engineering, heating and ventilation, water supply and drainage, refrigeration and air conditioning, CAD station and engineering economics.

FPDE has 50 professions including 16 senior engineers. Since its foundation, 140 design and research projects have been completed, of which the projects Model 8154 refrigerated stern trawler, Criteria for cold storage design and Model 8203 seiner were awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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