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Journal Cancellations in 2012 and 2013 at the NOAA Central and Regional Libraries


The following tables list the journal title, publisher, and format of titles cancelled by the NOAA Central Library in Silver Spring MD, and the NOAA Regional Libraries in Miami FL and Seattle WA due to successive budget cuts to the Library and Information Services Division of NODC in 2012 and 2013. Whenever possible, print versions of titles were cancelled and online access was retained to minimize the effects of these cuts.

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NOAA Central Library

Silver Spring Cancellations in 2013

Journal TitlePublisherFormat Cancelled
Environmental Monitoring and AssessmentSpringer VerlagOnline
HydrobiologiaSpringer VerlagOnline

Silver Spring Cancellations in 2012

Journal TitlePublisherFormat Cancelled
Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of AmericaAmerican Institute of PhysicsPrint
ACSM BulletinAmerican Congress on Surveying and MappingPrint
Acta Meteorologica SinicaChinese Meteorological SocietyPrint
Agricultural and Forest MeteorologyElsevierOnline
American Economic Association JournalsAmerican Economic AssociationPrint
American Economic ReviewAmerican Economic AssociationPrint
American Fisheries Society JournalsTaylor & FrancisPrint
American ScientistSigma XiPrint
Annales de LimnologieCambridge University PressOnline
Antarctic ScienceCambridge University PressOnline
Applied EconomicsAmerican Economic AssociationPrint
Applied OpticsOSAPrint
Aquaculture InternationalSpringer VerlagOnline
Aquaculture IrelandAquaculture IrelandPrint
Aquatic BotanyElsevierOnline
Aquatic Living ResourcesCambridge University PressOnline
Aquatic MammalsAquatic MammalsPrint
Aquatic ToxicologyElsevierOnline
Atmosphere OceanT&F Informa UK LtdPrint & Online
Atmospheric EnvironmentElsevierOnline
Austasia AquacultureAustasia AquaculturePrint
Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic JournalAMOSPrint
Aviation Week and Space TechnologyMcGraw-Hill CompaniesPrint
Biological BulletinBiological BulletinPrint
Biological ConservationElsevierOnline
BioOne (all journals)BioOneOnline
Bulletin of Marine ScienceBulletin of Marine SciencePrint
Bulletin of the World Meteorological OrganizationWMOPrint
Canadian Geographic Print
Canadian Journal of Earth SciencesCanadian Science PublishingPrint & Online
Cargo Business NewsCargo Business NewsPrint
Cartography and Geographic Information Science Print
Chesapeake Bay Magazine Print
Coastal ManagementT&F Informa UK LtdPrint & Online
Consumer Reports - Annual Buying GuideConsumers UnionPrint
Discover MagazineDiscover Media LLCPrint
Earth MagazineAmerican Geological InstitutePrint
Ecological ApplicationsESAPrint
Ecological EconomicsElsevierOnline
Ecological IndicatorsElsevierOnline
Ecological ModellingElsevierOnline
Ecological MonographsESAPrint
Economic PolicyAmerican Economic AssociationPrint
Environment - Science and Policy for Sustainable DevelopmentT&F Informa UK LtdPrint & Online
Environmental LawLewis and Clark CollegePrint
Environmental ResearchElsevierOnline
Environmental Science and TechnologyAmerican Chemical SocietyPrint
EOS: Transactions of the American Geophysical UnionAmerican Geophysical UnionPrint
Estuarine Coastal and Shelf ScienceElsevierOnline
Federal Employees Almanac1105 Media IncPrint
Federal Employees News Digest1105 Media IncPrint
Federal TimesArmy Times Publishing CoPrint
Fish FarmerWyvex Media LimitedPrint
Fish Farming InternationalIntraFish MediaPrint
Fishery TechnologyPrints IndiaPrint
Fishing News InternationalIntraFish MediaPrint
Frontiers in Ecology and the EnvironmentEcological Society of AmericaOnline
GeographicalCirculation Data ServicesPrint
Geological Society of America BulletinAmerican Institute of PhysicsPrint & Online
GeologyAmerican Institute of PhysicsPrint & Online
GeoworldHallmark DataPrint
Global and Planetary ChangeElsevierOnline
Global Aquaculture AdvocateGlobal Aquaculture AlliancePrint
Global Environmental ChangeElsevierOnline
GPS WorldQuestex Media GroupPrint
Great Lakes Seaway ReviewHarbor House Publishers IncPrint
Hatchery InternationalCapamara Communications IncPrint
Hydrographic JournalInter Federation of Hydrographic SocietiesPrint
ICES Journal of Marine ScienceOxford Univ. PressPrint
Infofish InternationalInfofishPrint
International AquafeedPerendale Publishers LtdPrint
International Journal of Marine and Coastal LawBrill Academic PublishersPrint & Online
International Journal of MeteorologyIJMet Editorial OfficePrint
International Journal of Remote SensingT&F Informa UK LtdPrint & Online
International Ocean SystemsUnderwater World Publications LtdPrint
Issues in Science and Technology Print
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote SensingElsevierOnline
JMBA - Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the UKCambridge University PressPrint
Journal of Aquatic Food Product TechnologyT&F Informa UK LtdOnline
Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial PhysicsElsevierOnline
Journal of BiochemistryOxford University PressOnline
Journal of Cetacean Research and ManagementInternational Whaling CommissionPrint
Journal of Economic LiteratureAmerican Economic AssociationPrint
Journal of Economic PerspectivesAmerican Economic AssociationPrint
Journal of Environmental Economics and ManagementElsevierOnline
Journal of Environmental ManagementElsevierOnline
Journal of Environmental QualityAmerican Society of AgronomyPrint
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and EcologyElsevierOnline
Journal of GeodynamicsElsevierOnline
Journal of Marine ResearchJournal of Marine ResearchPrint
Journal of Marine SystemsElsevierOnline
Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan Print
Library JournalLibrary Journal LLCPrint
Limnology and Oceanography PackageAmerican Society of Limnology & OceanographyPrint & Online
Limnology and Oceanography - MethodsAmerican Society of Limnology & OceanographyOnline
Limnology and Oceanography BulletinAmerican Society of Limnology & OceanographyOnline
MacroeconomicsAmerican Economic AssociationPrint
Marine and Petroleum GeologyElsevierOnline
Marine BiotechnologySpringer VerlagOnline
Marine ChemistryElsevierOnline
Marine Environmental ResearchElsevierOnline
Marine PolicyElsevierOnline
Marine Resource EconomicsThe MRE Foundation Inc.Print
Marine Technology Society JournalMarine Technology SocietyPrint
MicroeconomicsAmerican Economic AssociationPrint
National FishermanNational FishermanPrint
National GeographicNational Geographic SocietyPrint
Natural Resources JournalUniversity of New MexicoPrint
Naval History MagazineNaval Institute PressPrint
Ocean NavigatorNavigator Publishing CorporationPrint
OceanographyThe Oceanography SocietyPrint
OnlineInformation Today IncPrint
Pacific FishingPacific Fishing Publications Inc Print
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, PalaeoecologyElsevierOnline
Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote SensingASPRS American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote SensingPrint
Polar BiologySpringer VerlagOnline
Polar RecordCambridge University PressPrint
Proceedings of the Gulf and Carribean Fisheries InstituteGulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute IncPrint
Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesAIPPrint
Proceedings of the Western Snow ConferenceWestern Snow ConferencePrint
Professional MarinerNavigator Publishing CorporationPrint
Remote Sensing LettersT&F Informa UK LtdOnline
Science of the Total EnvironmentElsevierOnline
Seafood BusinessSeafood BusinessPrint
SearcherInformation Today IncPrint
Sky and TelescopeNew Track MediaPrint
Survey ReviewManey PublishingPrint
Surveying and Land Information ScienceAmerican Congress on Surveying and MappingPrint
Technology Review - MITTechnology Review Inc Print
Tellus A & Tellus B Online now available open access
Time MagazineTime IncPrint
Washington Consumers CheckbookCenter for the Study of ServicesPrint
Washington Information DirectoryCongressional Quarterly IncPrint
Water Air and Soil PollutionSpringer VerlagOnline
Water ResearchElsevierOnline
WeatherwiseT&F Informa UK LtdPrint & Online
WiredConde Nast Publications IncPrint
World AquacultureWorld Aquaculture SocietyPrint

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Miami Regional Library

Miami Cancellations in 2013

Journal TitlePublisherFormat Cancelled
ACM Computing Reviews Print & Online
Advances in Water ResourcesElsevierOnline
Applied Mathematical ModelingElsevierOnline
Applied Ocean ResearchElsevierOnline
Atmospheric ResearchElsevierOnline
Computers and FluidsElsevierOnline
Continental Shelf ResearchElsevierOnline
Dynamics of Atmospheres and oceansElsevierOnline
Earth and Planetary Science LettersElsevierOnline
Environmental Modeling and SoftwareElsevierOnline
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf ScienceElsevierOnline
Geochimica et Cosmochimica ActaElsevierOnline
International Journal of Remote SensingTaylor & FrancisOnline
Journal of Aerosol ScienceElsevierOnline
Journal of Fluid Mechanics Print
Journal of Marine SystemsElsevierOnline
Journal of Sea ResearchElsevierOnline
Marine ChemistryElsevierOnline
Marine Environmental ResearchElsevierOnline
Marine Pollution BulletinElsevierOnline
Ocean and Coastal ManagementElsevierOnline
Ocean EngineeringElsevierOnline
Ocean ModelingElsevierOnline
Organic GeochemistryElsevierOnline
Physics of Fluids and Plasmas Print
Progress in OceanographyElsevierOnline
Remote Sensing LettersTaylor & FrancisOnline
Remote Sensing of EnvironmentElsevierOnline

Miami Cancellations in 2012

Journal TitlePublisherFormat Cancelled
ACM Computing SurveysAssociation for Computing MachineryPrint & Online
ACM Transactions on Mathematical SoftwareAssociation for Computing MachineryPrint & Online
ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and SystemsAssociation for Computing MachineryPrint & Online
ACS Web Editions PackageAmerican Chemical SocietyOnline
Advances in Atmospheric SciencesSpringer VerlagOnline
American ScientistSigma XiPrint & Online
Atmosphere OceanTaylor & FrancisPrint & Online
Australian Meteorological and Oceanograpic Journal Print
Boundary-Layer MeteorologySpringer VerlagOnline
Bulletin of Marine ScienceBulletin of Marine SciencePrint & Online
Bulletin of the World Meteorological OrganizationWMOPrint
Climate DynamicsSpringer VerlagOnline
Climatic ChangeSpringer VerlagOnline
Communications of the ACMAssociation for Computing MachineryPrint & Online
Computer - IEEE Computer MagazineIEEEPrint
Computing in Science and EngineeringIEEEPrint & Online
Coral ReefsSpringer VerlagOnline
Federal Career OpportunitiesFederal Research ServicePrint
Federal Employees News Digest1105 Media IncPrint
Federal TimesArmy Times Publishing CoPrint
Florida ScientistFlorida Academy of SciencesPrint
Global Biogeochemical Cycles Print Add-OnJohn Wiley & SonsPrint
GPS WorldQuestex Media GroupPrint
Journal of Atmospheric ChemistrySpringer VerlagOnline
Journal of Coastal ResearchAllen PressPrint & Online
Journal of Geophysical Research - All PartsJohn Wiley & SonsPrint
Journal of Hydraulic EngineeringASCEPrint & Online
Journal of Marine Research Print
Journal of Nonlinear ScienceSpringer VerlagOnline
Journal of OceanographySpringer VerlagOnline
Journal of Scientific ComputingSpringer VerlagOnline
Journal of Sedimentary Research Print & Online
Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan Print
Journal of the Royal Society InterfaceThe Royal SocietyOnline
Journal of Time Series AnalysisJohn Wiley & SonsPrint & Online
Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean EngineeringASCEPrint & Online
Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and EngineeringBegell House IncPrint
Marine and Freshwater ResearchCISRO PublishingPrint
Marine GeodesyTaylor & FrancisPrint & Online
Marine Geophysical ResearchSpringer VerlagOnline
Marine TechnologySNAMEPrint
Marine Technology Society JournalMarine Technology SocietyPrint
Mathematical GeosciencesSpringer VerlagOnline
Mathematical IntelligencerSpringer VerlagOnline
Mathematics of ComputationAmerican Mathematical SocietyPrint
Meteorological ApplicationsJohn Wiley & SonsPrint & Online
Meteorology and Atmospheric PhysicsSpringer VerlagOnline
National GeographicNational Geographic SocietyPrint
National Weather Digest Print
OceanographyThe Oceanography SocietyPrint
Ocean DynamicsSpringer VerlagOnline
PC WorldProCircPrint
Philosophical Transactions - ARoyal SocietyOnline
Proceedings of the Royal Society - ARoyal SocietyOnline
Pure and Applied GeophysicsSpringer VerlagOnline
Scientific AmericanScientific America IncPrint
SedimentologyJohn Wiley & SonPrint & Online
Tellus A & Tellus B Print
Water Environment ResearchWater Environ. Fed.Print & Online
WeatherJohn Wiley & SonsPrint & Online
WeatherwiseHeldrefPrint & Online

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National Hurricane Center Library

No cancellations were made to the NHC Library journal collection in either 2012 or 2013 due to the small size of that collection.

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Seattle Regional Library

Seattle Cancellations in 2013

Journal TitlePublisherFormat Cancelled
Analytica Chimica ActaElsevierOnline
Applied Mathematical ModellingElsevierOnline
Atmosphere OceanCMOSPrint & Online
Atmospheric EnvironmentElsevierOnline
Atmospheric ResearchElsevierOnline
BiogeochemistrySpringer VerlagOnline
Boundary Layer MeteorologySpringer VerlagOnline
Chemical GeologyElsevierOnline
Climate DynamicsSpringer VerlagOnline
Discover Print
Dynamics of Atmospheres and OceansElsevierOnline
Earth and Planetary Science LettersElsevierOnline
Economic Geology Print
Environmental Modelling and SoftwareElsevierOnline
Environmental PollutionElsevierOnline
Federal Employees' News Digest Print
Federal Times Print
Geochimica et Cosmochimica ActaElsevierOnline
Geological Society of America BulletinGSAPrint & Online
GeologyGSAPrint & Online
Geophysics Print
Global and Planetary ChangeElsevierOnline
GPS World Print
IEEE Journal of Oceanic EngineeringIEEEPrint
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote SensingIEEEPrint
Izvestiya Atmospheric and Oceanic PhysicsSpringer VerlagOnline
Journal of Atmospheric ChemistrySpringer VerlagOnline
Journal of Computational PhysicsElsevierOnline
Journal of Environmental EngineeringASCEPrint & Online
Journal of Fourier Analysis & ApplicationsSpringer VerlagOnline
Journal of Hazardous MaterialsElsevierOnline
Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan Print
Limnology and OceanographyASLOPrint & Online
MacWorld Print
Marine and Freshwater ResearchCISROPrint
Marine GeologyElsevierOnline
Marine Geophysical ResearchesSpringer VerlagOnline
Meteorology and Atmospheric PhysicsSpringer VerlagOnline
National Fisherman Print
OceanographyThe Oceanography SocietyPrint
OceanologySpringer VerlagOnline
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological SocietyJohn Wiley & SonsPrint & Online
Sea Technology Print
Theoretical and Applied ClimatologySpringer VerlagOnline
Water Environment and TechnologyIngentaPrint
Water Environment ResearchIngentaPrint
WeatherJohn Wiley & SonsPrint & Online
WeatherwiseHeldrefPrint & Online

Seattle Cancellations in 2012

Journal TitlePublisherFormat Cancelled
ACS Web Editions PackageACSOnline
American NaturalistUniv Chicago PressOnline
Analytica Chimica ActaElsevierPrint
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary SciencesAnnual Reviews IncPrint & Online
Applied Mathematical ModellingElsevierPrint
Aquatic ToxicologyElsevierPrint
Atmospheric ResearchElsevierPrint
BiogeochemistrySpringer VerlagPrint
Chemical GeologyElsevierPrint
Climate DynamicsSpringer VerlagPrint
Climatic ChangeSpringer VerlagPrint
Dynamics of Atmospheres and OceansElsevierPrint
Environmental Modelling and SoftwareElsevierPrint
Environmental Science and TechnologyPrintACS
Estuaries and CoastsSpringer VerlagPrint
Fisheries ResearchElsevierPrint
Geophysical Research LettersJohn Wiley & SonsPrint
Global and Planetary ChangeElsevierPrint
Global Biogeochemical CyclesJohn Wiley & SonsPrint
International Journal of ClimatologyJohn Wiley & SonsPrint and Online
Izvestiya Atmospheric and Oceanic PhysicsSpringer VerlagPrint
Journal of Atmospheric ChemistrySpringer VerlagPrint
Journal of Computational PhysicsElsevierPrint
Journal of Fluid MechanicsCambridge University PressOnline
Journal of Geophysical Research - All PartsJohn Wiley & SonsPrint
Journal of Hazardous MaterialsElsevierPrint
Journal of Marine Research Print
Journal of OceanographySpringer VerlagPrint
Journal of Sea ResearchElsevierPrint
Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean EngineeringASCEPrint & Online
Linux Journal Print
Marine EcologyJohn Wiley & SonsPrint & Online
Marine Pollution BulletinElsevierPrint
Natural HazardsSpringer VerlagPrint
Natural Hazards ReviewASCEPrint & Online
NatureNature Publishing GroupPrint
Nature GeoscienceNature Publishing GroupPrint
Ocean ModellingElsevierPrint
OceanologySpringer VerlagPrint
PC World Print
Quarterly Review of BiologyUniv Chicago PressPrint & Online
Reviews of Geophysics Print
Springer 2012 Print CancellationsSpringer VerlagPrint
Tellus A & Tellus B Print
Water Resources ResearchAIPPrint
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