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[Our Nation and the Sea. A Plan for National Action. Report of the Commission on Marine Science, Engineering and Resources. United States Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 305 pp., January 1969]

Our Nation and The Sea

A Plan for
National Action

Report of the Commission
on Marine Science,
Engineering and Resources

United States Government Printing Office
Washington, D.C.
January 1969

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Washington, D.C. 20402 - Price $2.75 (paper cover)

Members of the Commission | Staff | Acknowledgements | Foreword | Contents

To the President and the Members of Congress:

I have the honor to present the final report of the Commission on Marine Science, Engineering and Resources, the establishment of which was authorized by Public Law 89-454, enacted by Congress on June 17, 1966. The members of the Commission were appointed by the President on January 9,1967.

In response to its mandate, the Commission has undertaken an intensive investigation of a broad array of marine problems ranging from the preservation of our coastal shores and estuaries to the more effective use of the vast resources that lie within and below the sea. The recommendations which have emerged from this study constitute a program which we believe will assure the advancement of a national capability in the oceans and go far towards meeting the inevitable needs of the future.

These recommendations are the product of nearly two years of study and discussion, and they express the combined judgment of the entire Commission. On all major issues there has been unanimous concurrence, although in formulating recommendations relating to government organization it has seemed proper for three members of the Commission to abstain--Undersecretary of the Navy, Charles F. Baird; Assistant Secretary, Water Pollution Control, Department of the Interior, Frank C. DiLuzio; and the Administrator, Environmental Science Services Administration, Department of Commerce, Robert M. White. These members were appointed as representatives from the Government but served on the Commission in their individual capacities as specified by statute. Their knowledge and experience in governmental and organizational problems were freely drawn upon by the Commission in its deliberations. However, recognizing that the organizational proposals of the Commission vitally affect the departments which they serve in their official roles, they have abstained from taking a position with respect to the final recommendations on these particular proposals as outlined in Chapter 7 and summarized or mentioned elsewhere in the report.


JANUARY 9, 1969

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Members of the


Julius A. Stratton
The Ford Foundation

Richard A. Geyer
Department of Oceanography
Texas A&M University

David A. Adams 1
Commissioner of Fisheries
North Carolina Department of
Conservation and Development

Carl A. Auerbach
Professor of Law
University of Minnesota

Charles F. Baird2
Under Secretary of the Navy

Jacob Blaustein
Standard Oil Company (Indiana)

James A. Crutchfield
Professor of Economics
University of Washington

Frank C. DiLuzio1
Assistant Secretary - Water Pollution Control
U.S. Department of the Interior

Leon Jaworski
Fulbright, Crooker, Freeman,
Bates and Jaworski

John A. Knauss
Graduate School of Oceanography
University of Rhode Island

John H. Perry, Jr.
Perry Publications, Inc.

Taylor A. Pryor
The Oceanic Foundation

George E. Reedy1
Struthers Research and Development Corp.

George H. Sullivan, M.D.
Consulting Scientist
General Electric Reentry Systems

Robert M. White
Environmental Science Services
U.S. Department of Commerce

Congressional Advisers
Norris Cotton
U.S. Senator

Warren G. Magnuson
U.S. Senator

Alton A. Lennon
U.S. Representative

Charles A. Mosher
U.S. Representative

1. Affiliation as of time of appointment.
2. Appointed July 21, 1967 to succeed Robert H. B. Baldwin, former Under Secretary of the Navy, who served as a member of the Commission from Jan. 9, 1967 to July 31, 1967.

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Executive Director
Samuel A. Lawrence
Deputy Director
Lewis M. Alexander
Assistant Director,
Organization and Management
Clifford L. Berg
John P. Albers
William S. Beller
David S. Browning
Lincoln D. Cathers
Timothy J. Coleman
John J. Dermody
Robertson P. Dinsmore
Kenneth H. Drummond
Andrew G. Feil, Jr.
Harold L. Goodwin
Amor L. Lane
H. Crane Miller
Holmes S. Moore
Sheila A. Mulvihill
Merlyn E. Natto
Leon S. Pocinki
Stuart A. Ross
Carl E. Rudiger
William J. Ruhe
Carleton Rutledge, Jr.
Robert J. Shephard
R. Lawrence Snideman II
Supporting Staff
William L. Banks
Margaret R. Bickford
Lois A. Brooks
Josephine V. Haley
Louise A. Jones
Linda J. Kuebler
Helen I. Mehl
Jean H. Peterson
Emily G. Reeves
Joanne M. Schirk

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Those to whom the Commission has turned for information, for guidance, and for expert knowledge are so numerous that it is beyond our ability to thank individually all who have contributed so much to our efforts and to the preparation of this report. In reaching our conclusions, we have drawn upon the ideas and the material assistance of more than 1,000 people. They have included marine scientists and engineers, leaders of business and industry, members of the academic community, and many marine specialists of the Federal, State, and local governments. We are deeply indebted to them all.

The Marine Resources and Engineering Development Act of 1966 wisely made provision for Congressional advisers to the Commission. We are most grateful to Senator Warren G. Magnuson of Washington, Senator Norris Cotton of New Hampshire, Congressman Alton A. Lennon of North Carolina, and Congressman Charles A. Mosher of Ohio for their counsel, their encouragement, and their support.

This has been a working commission, and from the outset every member has been actively and continuously engaged. But the completion of a task of such magnitude and complexity could never have been accomplished without the aid of a staff that has worked skillfully, effectively, and with extraordinary dedication. From the beginning to the end, this entire endeavor has profited from the leadership of our Executive Director, Samuel A. Lawrence, who has won the respect and admiration of all who worked with him. To Dr. Lawrence and to each member of our staff, the Commission expresses its profound thanks.

Foreword | Contents
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