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Bibliographic coupling network of OER-supported articles


Bibliometrics is the quantitative analysis of academic publications. Using academic publications as a data source, bibliometric analysis attempts to answer questions about academic research that lead to a better understanding of how that research is produced, organized, and interrelated. It also attempts to evaluate academic publications - and sets of publications by an author, research group, institution, or country - based on the number of citations these publications have received.

This site provides an overview of some of the past and current bibliometric research performed at the NOAA Central Library. The majority of this research is performed on a project basis to better understand the scientific research conducted and sponsored by NOAA research groups and to better inform the Library's collection development decisions. You can explore some of the library's current, ongoing, and completed projects by clicking on the tabs below.

If you have any comments or questions about these projects, or if you would like the library to take on additional projects, please contact Sarah Davis.

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Current and Ongoing Projects

Office of Ocean Exploration and Research

Co-occurrence network of words used in the titles of OER-sponsored journal articles

Project Overview

NOAA's Office of Ocean Exploration and Research (OER) is an extramural grant-funding agency focused on the exploration of the world's oceans. As part of a larger project to archive the data and information produced on OER-supported expeditions, OER contracted the library to identify, analyze, and evaluate the scientific publications produced as a result of these expeditions.

In response, the library has created an online bibliography of over 500 journal articles sponsored by OER and has produced several reports and articles analyzing these publications. These analyses were used in OER's recent program review and is featured in OER's FY14 annual report (pdf).

Reports and Publications

Quarterly Citation Report (pdf, October 2015)

Belter CW. 2013. A bibliometric analysis of NOAA's Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. Scientometrics 95(2):629-644. doi:10.1007/s11192-012-0836-0 Find it Online*

Bibliometric Analysis of OER (pdf, poster used in OER's 2012 program review)

National Undersea Research Program

Publications produced by NURP centers per year

Project Overview

Based on the library's success in identifying and analyzing publications supported by OER, OER further contracted the library to perform the same functions for the National Undersea Research Program (NURP). NURP is an extramural grant-funding agency that was created in 1979 and merged with OER in 2007. It distributes funding through a network of regional research centers located at universities across the country.

The library is currently in the process of collecting articles based on publication lists provided by NURP centers and through full-text searching of publisher websites and full-text databases. So far, the library has collected over 2,500 publications supported by NURP since its inception. Although collection is expected to continue through 2013, the library produced a preliminary report in July 2012 that analyzes the publications collected up to that date.

Reports and Publications

National Undersea Research Program Bibliography: Preliminary Statistics (pdf)

NOAA Reference Analysis

Co-citation network of journals cited by NOAA authors in 2011

Project Overview

As part of a larger effort to ensure that the NOAA Central Library's journal subscriptions meet the needs of NOAA scientists, the library is conducting an analysis of the citations made by NOAA authors over a five-year span (2008-2012). This analysis will identify the journals most often cited by NOAA authors and will help determine the usefulness of field- and journal-level bibliometric indicators for identifying journals for collection development decisions at NOAA.

Reports and Publications

Can Bibliometric Indicators Predict Institutional Citation Patterns? (pdf) - Poster presented at ACRL 2013

NOAA Publications

Collaboration network of NOAA research groups during FY2012

Project Overview

In December 2011, the library was tasked with assisting OAR in reporting the number of peer-reviewed publications produced by all NOAA authors per quarter in a consistent and reproducible manner. Using Web of Science as our primary data source, the library continues to identify and manage NOAA publications for this purpose.

In November 2012, we performed a preliminary analysis of the 1,800 publications that had been collected for fiscal year 2012. The analysis aimed both to summarize the nature of the publications produced and to begin the discussion about the types of analyses that would be useful to the agency. These discussions are ongoing.

Reports and Publications

An Analysis of Publications by NOAA Authors Published in FY2012 (pdf)

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Completed Projects

Data Citation

Global citation of the World Ocean Atlas and World Ocean Database

Project Overview

In an attempt to show the citation impact of the National Oceanographic Data Center's (NODC) data curation activities, and to contribute to the discussion on how data sets should be cited in scientific publications, the library attempted to generate citation counts for three data sets curated by NODC. We used three data sources: Web of Science, publishers' full-text databases, and Google Scholar. Our analysis suggests that all three data sets are extremely highly cited, with citation counts in most cases higher than 90% of all journal articles in Oceanography that were published during the same years.

Reports and Publications

Belter CW. 2014. Measuring the value of research data: a citation analysis of oceanographic data sets. Plos One 9(3):e92590. Find it Online*

Citation of oceanographic data sets by scientific publications: an exploratory analysis (pdf) - Poster presented at RDAP 2013

Bibliometric Analysis of Climate Engineering

Bibliographic coupling network of climate engineering publications (1988-2011)

Project Overview

Over the past few years, climate engineering (pdf), or geoengineering, has become a widely discussed option for mitigating the effects of climate change. Given the increasing visibility of climate engineering, the library was asked to assist in summarizing the current state of scientific research on the topic.

In collaboration with a scientist from the NOAA Air Resources Laboratory, we created a bibliography of 750 journal articles available in the Web of Science database from 1984 to 2011 and analyzed the publications in that bibliography in an attempt to summarize the published research on climate engineering.

Reports and Publications

Belter CW, Seidel DJ. 2013. A Bibliometric Analysis of Climate Engineering Research. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change 4(5):417-427. doi:10.1002/wcc.229. Find it Online*

Climate Engineering Publications Available in Web of Science (1988-2011)

Belter CW, Seidel DJ. 2013. A Bibliometric Analysis of Climate Engineering Research. AGU Fall Meeting, Abstract No. GC11C-1010. Download the poster (pdf format).

National Oceanographic Data Center

Number of times NODC articles were cited per year (1993-2011)

Project Overview

The National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) is a division of NOAA entrusted with ensuring long-term preservation and access to oceanographic data from around the world. To help demonstrate the value of NODC’s scientific research, NODC commissioned the library to identify and analyze the peer-reviewed publications produced by NODC authors over the previous twenty years (1991-2011).

In order to provide the results as quickly as possible, the library performed a fairly basic analysis of the publications found and included these publications as an appendix to the library’s report. These publications were also included in the library’s bibliography of NODC publications and products (pdf).

Reports and Publications

A Bibliometric Analysis of Publications by NOAA’s National Oceanographic Data Center (1991-2011) (pdf)

Air Resources Laboratory

Percentage of ARL publications in Meteorology & Atmospheric Physics in four percentile ranks based on their citation counts

Project Overview

As part of their 2010 laboratory review, the Air Resources Laboratory (ARL) commissioned the library to identify and evaluate the publications produced by ARL over the previous ten years (1999-2010).

In response, the library provided an extensive analysis of these publications to ARL. This analysis included metrics on article productivity, external collaboration, and citation impact. This analysis was then condensed into a short research report summarizing the main findings of the analysis.

This report was distributed to the external reviewers as part of their evaluation package and was mentioned in the director’s overview of the laboratory.

Reports and Publications

A Citation Analysis of the Air Resources Laboratory (1999-2010) (pdf)

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