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MARC field 049

MARC fields - Local practices :

049 - Local Holdings

1. Scope

Field 049 contains four-letter holding codes that designate collection location for each copy held by the library. Enter more detailed information about individual items, including barcode numbers, chronological designations, non-chronological designations, and copy numbers, in field 949.

The 049 field appears in the OCLC archive record and subsequent iterations of that record (in NOAALINC, e.g.), but will not appear in the OCLC master record.

2. Indicators

Both indicators are blank.

3. Subfields

|a Holding library code.

Enter the four-letter holding code(s) corresponding to the correct library location(s) in this subfield. Enter a separate subfield |a for each copy of a title in the library, regardless of location. For a list of valid holdings codes, consult Special Cataloging Situations : Local Holdings Codes (MARC 049 & 949 fields).

049 OLAA [For a single copy]
049 OLAA |a OLAA [For two copies]**
049 OLAR |a OLAA [For two copies; two locations]**

The Library does not use input stamps (i.e., textual information associated with an item's call number) at this time. Prior to February 1992, the Library used various input stamps.  Users of MARC records can still see these codes in the 049 field of these earlier records.

** See also:    Special Cataloging Situations : Guidelines for retention of second copies

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